Zoom on the iPad

Basic instructions on how to be a participant in a Zoom meeting from your iPad. They’re aimed at seniors and other non-technical folks who are using Zoom with family and friends. Some of this advice isn’t ideal for business use.

I spent a few hours digging through dozens of YouTube videos and countless cheat sheets to find the least-bad choices; you can benefit from my suffering.


These tutorials do a good job of showing the basics without distractions or excessive details about advanced topics.

Cheat Sheets

A few short documents that distill things down to the minimum.

Tips for Using the App

Useful Settings

Changing these settings will mean you have to do less fussing at the start of every meeting. Open the Zoom app, and in the corner of the main screen there’s a small gear-shaped icon that gives you access to the settings. In there are several headings, click on “Meetings”. You’ll want to change these three settings:

If you see a setting for “Safe Driving Mode” turn that off as well.

Other Tips