Nordstern Lebensversicherungs Aktiengesellschaft

This appears (since I can read only the most minimal German) to commemorate the new headquarters of the Northstar Life Insurance Company. The building was constructed sometime in the 1930’s, right on the central square in Berlin. It was most likely pounded into rubble during WWII. I wonder who the intended audience was?

coverIt looks like a book

interiorBut inside it’s a bit different…

First page of bookletA small booklet, in an astonishly abstruse font (The company logo is embossed on the back cover).

cards-fannedAnd twenty gorgeous photographs mounted on cardstock

The buildingThe building itself. Note the slight curvature…

Conference roomThe elaborate conference room. The curve of the table matches that of the building.

Conference room doorThe even-more-elaborate door to the room

WorkroomA workroom. Check out the picture on the wall; recognize him?