Our House

We own a nice, if unspectacular, 1955 ranch house in Mountain View, California. We’re the second owners; the first owners had it built to spec and best we can tell never did any remodeling. It was in excellent condition when we moved in, if a bit long in the tooth. Take a look at some pictures I took a couple weeks before we bought it in the summer of 2002.

When we bought the place we knew we’d need to remodel the kitchen. Six months after we moved in we started planning, working with Harrell Remodeling, a well-regarded local design/build firm. After a lot of thinking and re-thinking we came up with a plan for the new kitchen. But by then the project had taken on a mind of it’s own and expanded to include the living room and part of the master bath. In December of 2003 Harrell came in and started raising dust.

You can see the progress each month and experience the joys of a live-in remodeling project vicariously (which, trust me, is the only sane way).

And lo, the finished product.