What you need to sell software

You have a great idea for a new application, platform, website or device. All you have to do is write the software, and you’re in business, right? Nope, sorry, there’s a lot more you have to do if you want to be in business, and yet more to stay in business beyond the first release.

The following is an attempt to distill down what I’ve learned over the years about the business of making software. Most of this comes from my ten years at Juniper Networks working on the team responsible for managing source control, bug tracking, release planning and build & release for the industry-leading Junos™ Network Operating System. Right now it’s a sketchy outline, because it’s a very complex subject.

I would be pleased to help your company get started on the path to reliable and repeatable software releases. I can help draft policies and procedures, advise you on what software packages would work for you, install and configure those packages, and train your developers to use them. Contact me and learn more.