A Handy Way to Tie Your Mask

This makes it easy to keep the mask available and put it on and take it off quickly. Useful if you’re in a sparsely populated area where you’ll occasionally be running into people.

It works with a mask that has two sets of strings that would normally tie around the back of your head. Pull the ties so they’re uneven, with most of the length on the bottom of the mask. Lightly stretch the ties before you start so that you won’t have to re-tie them multiple times.

Tie a loop on each side of the mask with a very loose knot, then put the mask on and figure out the correct size for the ear loops. Then take it off and make a square knot for each loop.

Pull the loops through so that the knots are at the bottom of the mask and tie a square knot in the remaining dangling ends to make a large loop.

Put the large loop over your head and now the mask will hang on your chest, ready for use.

It’s easy to put it on by hooking a finger in each loop and pulling them over your ears.

You can pull off one ear loop and let the mask hang from the other ear for quick re-use.

These excellent masks courtesy of my sister, Kathleen.

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