Photography: 2023 Single-Speed Cyclocross World Championships

Cyclocross is an unholy combination of crit racing, mountain biking and miniature golf. Single-speed CX is all of that, but doused in alcohol, slathered with callous disregard for safety, and lit on fire. It’s a hell of a party.

The 2023 SSCXWC was held at Crest Ranch in Bonny Doon, just up the road from Santa Cruz. The day started with a half hour traffic jam just outside the gate as Cal Fire prepared for a controlled burn at the park across the road; the rest of the day was apocalyptically smoky as they torched the undergrowth.

I got pictures from only part of the course, but it was the exciting part. I had a grand time watching the melee; I’ll definitely be hitting more CX events.

You can download a full-res version by clicking on the icon at the top right when viewing a photo (way easier on a “real” computer versus a phone). These photos (like all my photos) are provided under the Creative Commons BY-SA license, which means (roughly) that you can use them as you like so long as you give me credit.