Photography: 2023 Pescadero Coastal Classic

My action photography improved significantly during the course of the race (I took 650 shots, so I was bound to learn something), so these are in reverse chronological order.

Shots were taken from my course marshal position at the first hairpin on the Haskins descent. The top hundred or so photos are people who have finished their race; the rest (remember, reverse-chronological order) are riders in the heat of battle.

You can download a full-res version by clicking on the icon at the top right when viewing a photo (way easier on a “real” computer versus a phone). These photos (like all my photos) are provided under the Creative Commons BY-SA license, which means (roughly) that you can use them as you like so long as you give me credit.

If you’re unhappy that your photo is here, drop me an email at If you’re sad that your photo isn’t here, sorry, I’m still learning how to shoot action, so I had a lot of rejects.