The Alto Velominati Rules

What, More Rules?

This is a serious attempt to set down a “code of conduct” for group rides, a guide for new cyclists who want to be a part of our culture. To be clear, this is very much my opinions about what I think makes for a good and enjoyable cycling culture. You, your friends, or your group ride might think different, or even wildly different.

All of us have the right, responsibility, and privilege to help define the culture of the groups we ride with. If we abdicate that responsibility, the culture will be set for us, and probably not one we like.

If you think “the war of all against all” sounds great then I don’t want to ride with you. Maybe try The Spectrum Ride.

The Commandments

Violate any of these and expect to get yelled at asked to leave the ride.

Thou Shalt Ride Safely

Thou Shalt Not Be An Asshole

The Rules

This covers the basic social compact surrounding group rides. Deviate from this and people will talk to you about your behavior.

Note that when I say “learn” or “know” that it’s up to you to put in the effort to educate yourself. Do not expect to be spoon-fed; ask other riders, practice, or look it up on the internet.

Learn how to handle your bike

Ride predictably and hold your line

Keep the pace

Maintain your machine

Know how to fix your shit, and be able to do it when needed

Maintain your body

Be prepared

Be self-sufficient

Take care of your fellow cyclists

Eyes up!

Pay attention and listen

Get out of the way and don’t get in the way

Do not wantonly disobey traffic laws

When someone yells “Car Back” you should look around and quickly move to the right

Communicate problems before they’re serious problems

The Suggestions

How to go the extra mile and make yourself a valued member of the community.

Be positive

Carry extras so you can help struggling riders

Do “buddy laps” or yell encouragement at the top of a hill

Be an outgoing or colorful member of the group

Welcome new riders

Help keep the situation calm when things go off the rails


Mentor & coach other riders

Note: This is presented in contrast to The Rules, a well known humorous list of the ridiculous unspoken rules of “Real Cyclists”.

I am indebted to Joshua for valuable early feedback & proofreading.