Alto Velo C (is for Climbing) Ride

The C(ifc) ride happens once or twice a month on Saturdays from October through April. Rides will be announced a few days in advance on the Alto Velo email list and via direct email, drop me an email if you want to receive announcements. We meet at Peet’s in Los Altos at 9:30 and leave at 9:35. The pace should be somewhat sedate on the flats and pretty hard on the climbs. We regroup and recover after every climb; if you can do OLH in under 25 minutes you should be able to keep up. Rides are open to anyone.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill: “If you are going up hill, get going”.

Past Routes


39 Miles, 4700 ft.

Climbs of note: Arastradero, Westridge, Pinon/La Sandra, Mapache,
Golden Hills/Fawn, Golden Oak, Hillbrook, Corte Madera, Los
Trancos/Buck Meadow, Los Trancos (eastern spur), La Mesa.


41 Miles, 4900 ft.

Climbs of note: Voss, Montebello/Peacock, Mt. Eden, Sarahills, Peach
Hill, Lancaster/Matilija, Comer, Prospect/Rolling Hills.


49 Miles, 5700 ft.

Climbs of note: Jefferson, Edgewood, Canada College, Raymundo, Patrol,
Summit Springs, Wayside, Alpine/Joaquin.


48 Miles, 5500 ft.

Climbs of note: Redwood Gulch, Sanborn Rd,
Pennsylvania/Overlook/Sheldon, Rest of Overlook, Saratoga Hills,
Rainbow, Regnart, Lindy.


45 Miles, 5000 ft.

Climbs of note: Moody, Alexis, Los Trancos/Vista Verde, Huddart,
High Rd/Woodside Dr.


60 Miles, 6300 ft.

Climbs of note: Crestview, Alameda De Las Pulgas from Ralston,
W. Hillsdale, De Anza, Ascension, Woodridge/Black Mountain,
Hayne/Robinwood/Denise, Chateau, Polhemus.